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The New Mexico LTAP Center is thrilled to select the Pueblo of Sandia's Transportation Safety Reporting Mechanism for the 2022 New Mexico Pioneer Award Recipient! The Pueblo of Sandia's GIS Program's Transportation Safety Reporting Mechanism Project is an incredibly useful tool designed to provide accurate reporting and allow for real-time decision making for maintenance and operations. The Pueblo of Sandia's Vinay Achrekar describes the project impacts below:

"The implementation of this technology and its relevant operational sequences has facilitated an enormous growth in GIS usage across all departments of the Pueblo of Sandia. These user friendly web applications facilitate data access and data delivery to all authorized users (including our non-GIS audience), to data that is centralized, secure, and that they can then use in Pueblo-wide decision making and planning processes.

These reporting mechanisms allow Pueblo-wide departments to communicate with one other more efficiently, and to analyze answers in real-time to assist in decision-making. Access to this information allows our Public Works Department, Police Department, and Realty Group to work together, create and process work orders, and to complete any other necessary requests related to fence breaks. This includes forecast budgeting and the ordering of necessary materials without causing delays. These web applications also allow us to identify hotspots for fence breaks so the Pueblo can allocate appropriate resources and communicate with neighboring jurisdictions to implement traffic control and safety measures. Fence breaks can often be accompanied by damage to road signs, which is an extreme safety hazard that can lead to fatal accidents. The instant nature of these reporting mechanisms minimizes the time spent addressing issues which would be otherwise spent filling out physical documents in older systems. The quicker that issues such as fence breaks, debris reporting, or sign damages are resolved, the less likely that a fatal accident will occur."


See the project HERE on page 33.


About the Pueblo of Sandia GIS Program

Program Goals & Objectives

The goal of the Pueblo of Sandia’s GIS Program is to securely manage, maintain and update the Pueblo’s geospatial data efficiently and enforce data integrity. The primary objective is to adopt cutting edge geospatial technology toolsets and modernize the GIS infrastructure to organize and manage all geospatial data with a logical system to move towards building a comprehensive geospatial asset management system. These goals allow the GIS team to track our spatial assets, maintain records and manage an accurate geospatial data inventory. It also facilitates access and data delivery to all authorized users including our non-GIS audience to data that is centralized and secure that they can adopt and use as a Pueblo-wide decision making tool for planning processes.


 Awards and Recognition

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  Core Project Team



Vinay Achrekar, GISP, CFM, GIS Manager, Pueblo of Sandia, has over 16 years of progressive experience providing technical expertise for GIS infrastructure strategies, geospatial asset management, hazard/risk analysis, transportation, water resources, emergency management, and utilities.

  • Geographic Information Systems Professional (GISP) - GIS Certification Institute (GISCI) License 87410
  • Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM) - New Mexico Floodplain Managers Association (NMFMA) License NM-09-00232

Email: | Office:  505-771-5084



 Clifford Thornton, GIS Specialist, Pueblo of Sandia, Lands Department, has 4 years of progressive experience utilizing ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Enterprise Server, and web mapping applications, geodatabase design & development, and field data collection and integration using GPS/GNSS precision grade systems.

Email: | Office:  505-771-7966


Jeffery Edaakie, Comptia A+, Network+, Systems Analyst II, Pueblo of Sandia, has over 22 years of progressive experience providing technical support, analyzing, designing and implementing information systems in organization operations, ensures interoperability of the IT architecture, systems, and applications.

Email: | Office:  505-771-7080