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Please continue to check back for periodic announcements, training and library updates.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

AASHTO TC3 Training Library 

Local government and tribal transportation practitioners across the U.S. are responsible for more than 75 percents of our Nation's highway network. AASHTO's TC3 library is one resource for local and tribal agencies in building and maintaining the skills necessary to operate such a vast system. FHWA has an agreement with AASHTO to provide local government and tribal transportation practitioners with access to this library. 

TC3 is AASHTO's online training library of 190+ training modules. Courses are developed by subject matters experts and include national best practices. All courses are available on the TC3 website and also a mobile app, available on iOS and Android systems. 

Register by creating an AASHTO account here. Registration gives unlimited access to TC3 course offerings here using promotion code D5X3-B3D9-52CB-4XCX. 

Joint Tran-SET Webinar Series

Tran-SET will jointly host a webinar series with (rotating) University Transportation Centers (UTCs). Each webinar, to be conducted on a quarterly basis, will involve a (rotating) research theme relevant to Tran-SET, in alignment with the US DOT Strategic Plan for FY 2018 – 2022, and relevant to the transportation research community as a whole. Each webinar will include three presentations: (1) on a related Tran-SET -funded research project, (2) on a related external UTC-funded research project, and (3) a more practitioner-focused presentation from a state DOT or FHWA. For more information, please click here.

NLTAPA from the Road - Roundabout Week

UMass Transportation Center just rolled out a new monthly video series and the first focus is the difference between roundabouts and rotaries. Please visit here for the videos.

More training courses will be offered in the next few months. Please follow up closely  with us. 

FHWA Publishes TPM Implementation Timeline

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has published a timeline titled Performance Measures & Asset Management Plan -Key Implementation Dates on its TPM website. The timeline provides a comprehensive listing of key dates and associated actions required by FHWA, State departments of transportation (DOTs), and metropolitan planning organizations to implement Transportation Performance Management (TPM).